Laptop / Notebook Repairs

Laptop / Notebook Repairs Specialists


We specialise in Laptop and Notebook repairs!

Our specialist has over 15 years experience and 10 years certified in most major name branded models such as Compaq, HP, Sony, IMB/Lenovo, Apple and Toshiba.

We can get parts and repair most major name brand units out of warranty or can assist with insurance claims on damaged units. We work on both home and business units.

If you’re not sure your repair is economical, we offer assessments on units needing repair for a minimal cost. We do not send our units away for repair. All work is done in house by our own well trained staff. Our turn around on repairs is usually within the same week and sometimes even quicker. Priority fee available if your repair is especially time critical.

Warranty repair:

Unfortunately at this time we are working on our arrangements with manufacturers to support systems still covered under warranty, but that is still in the works and not available at this time.

Out of warranty repair:

We repair all known manufacturers of laptops/notebooks in New Zealand and some of those that are imported. Our staff can let you know if your model is not supported at the time of inquiry.

Insurance repair:

We have worked through many insurance claims on laptop repairs and can help you as well.